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Pharmacology Exam Information for 2019/2020 studying year

ALGORITHM OF STUDENTS ACTIONS for on-line rework and examination repeating  on zoom platform for english-speaking students in AUGUST 2020

1. Find your group in the schedule of rework:

2. Pay attention to the list of quetions for exam by link.

3. At the appointed time, get in touch with the teacher in ZOOM.

Dear students!

According to Rector’s order  No.189 of April 30, 2020  exam in Pharmacology will be carried out remotely.

The student is allowed to pass the exam if he/she does not have any academic debt for 1 and 2 semesters and if he/she has credit in Pharmacology.



THE SCHEDULE OF EXAMS is compiled by Training Department and is given in a separate document (see website). The link, identifier and password by which the student joins the videoconference are also indicated there. Please, familiarize yourself with the schedule and be ready to pass the exam on time.

2 days before the exam the student should send a screenshot to his/her teacher with the record of KROK-1 tests results (your score must cover 90% of the correct answers at least). This result is acceptable and it is a part of the assessment for the exam. The exam itself consists of assessment for interview (maximum 90 points) and assessment for  KROK testing (9 points  for 90% of correct answers and 10 points in case of 100%).

The exam is conducted via  an interview at Zoom. We ask all students to have gadgets with a video camera and audio communication and check their serviceability in order to avoid technical problems during the exam. Video of the exam is being recorded.

At the beginning of the exam  the student should say his/her name and surname, group number and should show  a document with a photo proving his identity (passport, gradebook, admission to the university, etc.) on a video camera. After this formality an interview with the teacher takes place. The interview includes: a question on General Pharmacology; a question on the characteristics of the drug, which is on the KROK list; 4 short questions on the classification, nomenclature, mechanism of action, effects, indications, side effects and contraindications of drugs of individual pharmacological groups.

The staff of the Department sincerely wishes you success!

The List of Questions for Exam in Pharmacology


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