Exam in Pharmacology

Qualification exam

Qualification exam program:



  1. Experimental study of various types of pharmacological activity of substances of natural and synthetic origin.
  2. Analysis of side effects and comparison of the safety profile of different pharmacological groups of drugs.
  3. Pharmacovigilance and side effect monitoring.
  4. Clinical and pharmacological aspects of the use of medicinal products.
  5. A study of the population’s awareness of the rational use of medicines and a healthy lifestyle.
  6. Analysis of the assortment of drugs and modern pharmacotherapy and pharmacoprophylaxis of diseases.

Algorithm for conducting the semester exam
in clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care
using the ZOOM web platform

To pass a comprehensive exam (hereinafter – the exam) with the use of remote technologies during certification, a higher education applicant (graduate) must have:
1) technical means connected to the Internet:
• The first technical means is a personal computer (laptop or tablet or smartphone, etc.) to access the Moodle platform on the website https://pharmel.kharkiv.edu
• The second technical means is a smartphone or tablet with the camera turned on for proper on-line recording of the exam through the ZOOM application.
Technical support for the exam is provided by the moderator of the information technology center of the National Academy of Sciences. The technical moderator provides video recording of each stage of the exam. The video recording is stored for one year.
In the event of force majeure circumstances during the examination, the graduate must immediately notify the dean or the secretary of the Examination Commission about these circumstances using a specified communication channel (telephone, messenger, etc.) with mandatory photo or video recording of the state of task performance and objective factors preventing its completion. Under these circumstances, the possibility and time of taking the exam is determined by the Chairman of the Examination Commission.


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