Students’ Scientific Society

The department of pharmacology and pharmacotherapy is starting a cycle of open monthly online meetings of the student scientific circle of the department.

In a simple, interesting and visual way, we will analyze the basic foundations of experimental pharmacology, as well as familiarize ourselves with the features of preclinical research of new drugs with different directions of action.

САВОХІНА Марина Володимирівна

Responsible person:
Ph.D. in medicinal science,  associate professor
Maryna Volodymyrivna Savokhina
Tel. +38 057 706 30 69,


Today, the scientific circle includes more than 100 participants.

Important prospective plans of the circle are improvement of the level of scientific research, development of new areas of pharmacological activity, attraction of new members and formation of scientific thinking among young people, increase of the level of publications, including in foreign publications.



  1. Experimental study of various types of pharmacological activity of substances of natural and synthetic origin.
  2. Analysis of side effects and comparison of the safety profile of different pharmacological groups of drugs. Pharmacovigilance and side effect monitoring.
  3. Clinical and pharmacological aspects of the use of medicinal products.
  4. A study of the population’s awareness of the rational use of medicines and a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Analysis of the assortment of drugs and modern pharmacotherapy and pharmacoprophylaxis of diseases.
  6. Study of patient compliance to pharmacotherapy of various diseases of internal organs.
  7. Study of the rational use of medicines in accordance with modern recommendations for pharmacotherapy of diseases of internal organs.

History of the SSS of the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy

The department of pharmacology of the pharmaceutical institute was established in 1924 together with the course of toxicology of combat poisons. Until 1939, the department did not have permanent premises for scientific work. Scientific activity at the department began in 1944, after the return of the institute from the evacuation sites under the leadership of Dr. Pharm. N. Angarska M.A. In the future, the scientific group was managed by Doctor of Medicine, Prof. Ya.I. Hajjai, Doctor of Medicine, Prof. V.I. Power. The active work of Gurtkiv residents began to develop in 1974 under the leadership of the head. Department of Medical Sciences, Prof. Drogovoz S.M. Since 2011, the work of the scientific circle has been managed by the head. Department, Doctor of Medicine, Prof. Shtrigol S.Yu., who preserves the best traditions and looks for new forms of work.
The scientific circle of the department of pharmacology has good traditions: its members present their experimental research with dignity at various conferences, take prizes and receive honorary degrees.
Scientific student works often “grow” into diploma theses, becoming the basis for further candidate and doctoral theses.
The circle of the department of pharmacology was the first scientific step of today’s famous professors. At one time, doctors of medicine, prof. Zupanets I.A., doctor of medicine, prof. Bereznyakova A.I., Ph.D., prof. Yakovleva L.V., doctor of medicine, prof. I.M. Ryzhenko, doctor of medicine, prof. Zaichenko H.V. Every year, the ranks of Gurtkiv students are replenished with new students, master’s students, post-graduate students, and doctoral students, who in the future will become a worthy scientific potential of our state. Participants of the scientific circle of the department of pharmacology and medicinal toxicology actively participate in various scientific conferences. For many students, participation in the scientific society became a start to great science. Yes, former members of the group work at the Department of Pharmacology: Assoc. Kutsenko T.O., Assoc. Yu.V. Stoletov, Assoc. A. V. Taran, Assoc. Kudina O.V., Assoc. Tovchyga O.V., assistant Assadulaeva N.Ya., assistant. Koiro O.O., assistant. Ulanova V.A., assistant Zupanets M.V., assistant. Tsivunin V.V., Asst. M.V. Mishchenko, Asst. Kapelka I.G., Asst. Gavrilov I.O. Currently (2020/2021), the following students are actively working in the group: Zhadko Yuliya, Didenko Yuliya, Sydorenko Nataliya, Tertychna Anastasia, Goldovska Vladyslava, Mykola Kobyk, Ruslan Tkach, Oleksandra Shostak, Maria Koltunova; graduate students: Maria Mishchenko, Igor Kapelka, Ignat Gavrilov and many others. The participants of the scientific circle, in addition to conducting experimental research, participate in the creation of educational tables in English, the creation of video recordings of demonstration experiments, and help in the work on educational publications of the department. Today, the experimental and theoretical work of the scientific group of the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy is conducted on the study of the following types of pharmacological activity: cerebroprotective; anticonvulsant; anxiolytic; antidepressant; nephroprotective; hepatoprotective; choleretic; uterotropic; hypoglycemic; cardioprotective; angioprotective; hypolipidemic; anti-ulcer; prostate protective; vulvoprotective; anti-inflammatory; antioxidant; reparative; nephroprotective; stress protective

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