Historical information

     The Department of Pharmacology of the National University of Pharmacy begins its history in 1924. For almost 90 years, the department has become a recognized center of scientific research and teaching as well as drug development. It is a basic department for teaching pharmacology for 17 higher educational institutions of Ukraine, which provide pre-diploma training of the future pharmacists. The staff of the department has taken part in the development of more than 50 drugs, 15 of them have obtained permission for industrial production (Flavin, Holosas using new technology, Polyphytochole, Antral, Thiotriazolin, Ventcol, Erisod, Rexod, Lioliv, Lipoflavon, Prostalad, Inflarax, etc.). Over the past few years, 10 monographs, 10 recommendations concerning the preclinical drugs research approved by the Ministry of Healthcare, and about 100 recommendations on the educational process have been published at the department. An innovative complex of teaching materials (more than 15 volumes) was published in Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, Arabic languages, including “Medical Prescription,” “Pharmacology on the Palms,” “Pharmacology – a support for a Doctor, Pharmacist and Student,” “ Side effects of drugs,” “Pharmacology cito,” Chronopharmacology, “Medical toxicology.” An original educational photobank of modern medicines is used in the educational process.

 Recently, the research work of the department was conducted in the following areas:

  • Research and development of psychotropic drugs (mainly sedative, anxiolytic, nootropic, stress-protective action), anticonvulsant and cerebroprotective, frigoprotective, diuretic and nephroprotective drugs, drugs that influence water-salt metabolism, hypouricemic, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, chondroprotective, reparative, antiulcer, hepatoprotective, antioxidant, antiatherosclerotic, cardioprotective, pulmonary protective drugs, etc.;
  • Study of the influence of the mineral composition of the diet on the efficacy of drugs of various groups;
  • Research in the field of chronopharmacology;
  • Elaboration of original reference books, writing monographs and guidelines.

The department possesses the appropriate equipment for scientific activities, also there are possibilities to use the equipment and instruments of the educational and scientific institute of applied pharmacy of NUPh.

Heads of the Department:

  • Professor, Academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences Alexandr Ilyich Cherkes(1924-1939);
  • Associate Professor M.V. Pervak​​(1939-1941);
  • Professor Maria Andreevna Angarskaya(1944-1952), Director of the Kharkiv Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Institute;
  • Professor Vasily Ivanovich Sila(1952-1972);
  • Professor, Honored Worker of Public Education of Ukraine, Professor Emeritus of the NUPh and Ternopil Medical University, expert of the International Association for the Exchange of Specialists, China) Svetlana Metodievna Drogovoz(1971-2011), and during her long-term leadership the achievements of the department became the most significant;
  • Professor Sergey Yurievich Shrygol’(since 2011).

In connection with the reorganization of structural units of NUPh in September 2020, a joint department of pharmacology and pharmacotherapy was established.

The following disciplines are being taught at the department of pharmacology and pharmacotherapy:

  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacotherapy with pharmacokinetics
  • Рharmacotherapy
  • Clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care
  • First aid
  • First aid with introductory medical practice
  • Pharmacology and medical prescription
  • The military training
  • Extreme medicine
  • Pharmacology of biopharmaceuticals
  • Internal and surgical diseases
  • Fundamentals of cardiology and pulmonology

Currently, the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy employs 8 doctors and 18 candidates of medical, pharmaceutical and biological sciences. 100% of teachers have a degree. Scientific student society, postgraduate and doctoral studies are actively functioning. About 20 doctoral and more than 50 candidate dissertations have been defended by the staff of the department and under their guidance or for consulting, dissertation research by citizens of Ukraine and other countries is underway.

During the 2020-2021 academic year Employees of the department on the basis of scientific research published 63 articles, including 24 articles in scientometric databases Scopus and Web of Science, 28 articles in domestic professional publications, 11 articles in other periodicals, incl. foreign.

110 abstracts were published in conference proceedings of various levels.

The total h-index  staff of the department (Scopus): 29.
The total number of documents to be indexed (Scopus): 150.
The total number of citations (Scopus): 121.
Employees of the department took part in scientific and practical events of different levels, 44 speeches were made.
During the last academic year, 15 patents of Ukraine were received.
The number of scientific publications in the electronic archive of NUPh – 1181.
Scientific personnel are being trained: during the last academic year 2 doctoral dissertations and 3 candidate dissertations were defended, 5 postgraduate students are being trained.

The Student Scientific Society of the department includes 26 students who take an active part in scientific activities.

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